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Stable Operation with the Preventive Maintenance Function

Image Quality Check by Code Reader

The SR-750 Series is the first product in this class that is capable of judging the image quality of a scanned code.
This enables you to identify image deterioration before an error occurs, thus ensuring stable operation.

Matching Level Judging Function

Enables safety factors of scanning to be compared

After a code is scanned successfully, it can be determined how easily the SR-750 Series has scanned it. This information can be used to check the safety factor of scanning or as a correlation index for the parameter bank during tuning.

Two codes, which both have a reading rate of 100%, can still be distinguished by a safety factor

Image Verification Function

Verification based on image quality standards

Total grades can be judged based on output verification result data or preset thresholds and then output as signals. This function is designed for 2D codes (QR, DataMatrix).

Total grade judgement