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Simple to Use

1 Minute Setup

Auto Focus & Brightness

Automatic focus

Focusing, which used to be a manual process, is now done automatically in the IV Series. One-touch quick focusing is done by a unique automatic focus motor developed exclusively for the IV Series.

Automated, one-touch brightness adjustment

Gain, exposure time, and illumination are adjusted automatically, and operations are completed with one-touch controls. As anyone can now shoot clear detection images, there are fewer variations due to differing imaging skills.

[1] Automatic focus mechanism

[2] IBA processor

[3] Hi-R illumination

[4] HP Quad lens

Automatic Brightness Adjustment

IBA - Intelligent Brightness Adjust -

With the newly developed algorithm installed in the IBA processor, the brightness is automatically adjusted to the optimum level in an instant. Additionally, our unique methods enable high-speed automatic adjustment without any adverse effects from the background.

By dividing the screen into multiple pixel blocks, presence/absence of the workpiece is recognised where the brightness has changed.

Original brightness / Optimal brightness

Instead of gradually moving towards the optimum brightness, adjustments can be made faster by making one large adjustment close to the optimum brightness and then performing fine adjustments.

Tool Auto Tune

Multiple master and defective object images can be taken with Pass/Fail judgment attached to enable automatic adjustment of thresholds and parameters to optimum values. Images can be shot immediately, read from the image history or read from USB memory.

Pass/Fail allocation screen

Selection screen of image registration source