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8 Types of Camera Variations

Choose the Camera that Meets Your Specific Application Needs.

8 Types of Cameras that Can be Chosen According to Application Needs [First in its class]

You can choose the optimum camera according to your application. For example, you can choose a colour megapixel camera for high-resolution appearance inspection, a double-speed camera for inspections where the processing speed has the highest priority, and a small double-speed camera for installation where space is an issue.

2,000,000-pixel Series

The CV-3000 Series employs a highest-in-its-class 2,000,000-pixel colour CCD, making it possible to collectively process all 2,000,000 pixels. Suitable for appearance inspection that requires high-resolution and dimension measurement.

2,000,000-pixel Series

240,000-pixel Double-speed Series

For colour vision applications, KEYENCE has adopted a CCD with a double-speed progressive drive method drastically reducing the image transfer time from 33 ms (conventional time) to 16 ms. KEYENCE has also adopted a partial read function that uses only a part of the CCD to achieve lightning-fast 3-ms transfer.

240,000-pixel Double-speed Series

Ultra-small Series

The size of cameras has been reduced while leaving their performance abilities intact. This makes it possible to build the cameras into impossibly small spaces. The 0.47" (12 mm)- 240,000-pixel type and 0.67" (17 mm)-2,000,000-pixel type are available in colour and monochrome so that you can choose resolutions tailored to your needs. The side viewer attachment provides sensorlike lateral installation.

Ultra-small Series

Multiple Camera system [First in its class]

KEYENCE has expanded on its multi-camera connection technology to allow simultaneous use of up to 4 cameras on one controller. Any combination of the 8 cameras available for the CV-3000 Series can be used together. The connected cameras provide simultaneous imaging and simultaneous processing(*). In addition, the system can flexibly cope with future additions and modifications to the inspection specifications.

Multiple Camera System

Digital Image Transfer

Digital Image Transfer

The image data captured with the camera is transferred to the controller in digital format. A high quality image with less degradation than conventional analogue transfer significantly improves measurement accuracy.

Highly-sensitive Image Capturing & Span/Shift Function [First in its class]

The sensitivity of the camera can be adjusted in 81 levels. Setting a higher sensitivity ensures sufficient brightness even when a high-speed shutter is being used. Expensive strobe lighting is no longer necessary. The span/shift function that can individually adjust R, G, and B increases the difference in the contrast of low contrast targets, ensuring more stable image processing.

Highly-sensitive Image Capturing & Span/Shift Function

Continuous Capture Mode [NEW]

Continuous Capture Mode

The continuous capture mode continuously performs image processing several times after a single trigger input. If an inspection is unstable due to poor lighting conditions or line vibration, an average value can be obtained by capturing several images of the same target. In addition, false readings and errors can be eliminated by using the data exclusion function (patent pending)

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