Intuitive Vision System

CV-X series

Communication and Control

A wide variety of communication methods compatible with existing systems

A wide variety of communication methods are adopted to satisfy communication control needs, including "I want to log image and result data." and "I want to connect an existing PLC to enable command control." Various monitor functions useful at startup and other times are also available to "improve operability and security".

Communication interface

Supports linking to PLCs made by several manufacturers as well as EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET, which enables easy integration into an existing system. In addition, remote control via connection to a personal computer and image/result logging to an FTP server are also available.

CV-X100 Series

PLC link

Supported PLC manufacturers:KEYENCE: KV Series, Omron: SYSMAC Series, Mitsubishi Electric: MELSEC Series, YASKAWA Electric: MP Series

PLCs made by several manufacturers can be linked via RS-232C/Ethernet.

Smart monitor function

The equipped monitor function checks communication separately for EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET so that you can detect problems quickly.

FTP output function

Supports image/measured value output to an FTP server. Images can be saved for a long period of time by connecting a highcapacity HDD having the FTP server function.

EtherNet/IP™- and PROFINET-compatible

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