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Traceability of plastic products

Traceability of plastic products

Plastic Molding Machine Identification

2D DataMatrix codes, applied through the use of label or direct marking, are often used for product tracebility.


Fusing a new optical design with advanced decoding techniques, the small size SR-600 Series reliably reads even challenging, low print contrast codes.


  • SR-D100 series - High Performance 2D Code Reader

    High performance capability equipment should not require a professional to take advantage of its functionality. Similarly, user-friendly equipment should not have limited abilities.

  • SR-600 series - 2D Code Reader (Fixed Type)

    Reliably detects difficult-to-read and moving object codes. The new SR-600 Series optics were designed to overcome these conventional reader problems.

  • SR-650 series - Ethernet compatible Compact 2D Code Reader

    A NEW 2D CODE READER that further expands the possibilities

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