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Marking on Bearings

Marking on Bearings

Marking part number, diameter and country of origin.

Thickness of bearings can vary within the same production line. By using a 3-axis laser marker, changeover will be no longer necessary. If the bearing becomes smaller, mechanical stamping will damage it.


Reduce man hours for changeover and reduce damage by using our laser marker Z-height.


  • MD-F series - 3-Axis Fibre Laser Marker

    3-Axis control high-power laser
    Ultra high-speed marking on and processing of metals

  • MD-V9900A series - 3-Axis YVO4 Laser Marker

    For the first time in the industry, a laser marker has the capability to perform marking not only in the X and Y directions, but also the Z direction! The MD-V employs YVO4 as its laser crystalline media for stable high-aquality marking.

  • MD-F3000 series - 3-Axis Fibre Laser Marker

    The world's smallest laser marker with a fanless architecture is possible due to original technology developed by KEYENCE. The MD-F Series is a dramatic advancement in the evolution of direct part marking.