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          CMOS Analogue Laser Sensor

          IA series

          IA series - CMOS Analogue Laser Sensor

          Tough, Reliable, Repeatable Laser Measurement Simplified. KEYENCE brings you an economical analogue laser sensor.

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          • IX series - Image-Based Laser Sensor

            Image-Based Laser Sensor for Accurate Height Confirmation Even With Misaligned Targets

          • IL series - CMOS Multi-Function Analogue Laser Sensor

            Introducing a new high-performance head for the IL Series Stable performance for the most demanding detection

          • GT2 series - High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor

            The Scale Shot System in the GT2 Series improves upon the technology of conventional contact sensors and is now concentrated into a pencil-type sensor head.

          • IV series - Vision Sensor

            Conventionally difficult cases that require multiple sensors can now be handled easily and at low cost with one “IV Series vision sensor”.

          • For Beginners Sensor Basics Understanding fundamental - Introduction Guide to Sensors

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