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          Kliknutím zobrazíte nejnovější informace o tom, jak KEYENCE pokračuje v podpoře našich zákazníků rychlým doručením, testováním mimo lokalitu, virtuálními ukázkami a dalšími.
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          Case Studies

          The multinational wants to continue inspecting its products itself. Now it can fully automate its production lines and in the process, reduce the risk of human error to a minimum.

          Nutrition & Santé is Europe’s leading maker of organic and health foods. Biscuits roll off its production lines in stacks of 4 or 5 units that are then wrapped in packs and inserted in their cardboard packaging at high speed.

          Timex is America's leading watchmaker and is present in more than 80 countries. Fralsen, its French entity, makes watch movements and used contact sensors and conventional comparators and was looking for a way to improve their inspection process.

          By using KEYENCE’s LJ-G sensor, the Automotive Equipment Manufacturer has automated its inspection of airbag deployment slits in vehicle dashboards. This resulted in stable measurements and a fast return on investment.

          The Problem:The automated tray loader will occasionally load a tray improperly on the conveyor track. This misloaded tray eventually crashes the production line creating downtime, machine damage and potential danger for operators.

          The Problem:The operators switch between jobs to keep fresh, however some components are not always placed onto the assemblies. This can create several scenarios. The first is that the assembly damages parts within the automation equipment.

          The Problem:Gauging was performed using hand gauges, contact-type gauges, or some other less accurate indirect methods. Having no standard developed practice, workers at the plant were not taking reliable measurements.

          The Problem:During assembly, if the diaphragm is not seated in the right place, the two halves will not seal properly creating a defective product. One half with a smaller diameter fits inside a larger one with the gasket acting as a cushion in between. During seating, a diaphragm can become “pinched” during the process sometimes creating tears and/or not allowing for the necessary tight seal required by the part.

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